„Monte Polizo“ is not just a name chosen by chance


The territory of Salemi is located in the centre of Sicily and opens up to a hilly and soft landscape. The site is mentioned for its landscape features in numerous historical sources, mentioned among other things for its fertile soil. It is on these hills that "Monte Polizo" stands, from which it takes its name, a vast territory which, due to its favourable, topographical location, has represented, since ancient times, a privileged site for settlement, as the recent excavations have shown. The excavations have found evidence of  an inhabited area of ​​the Iron Age, which, due to its particular state of preservation, represents one of the most complete testimonies of the civilization of the Elimians (IX - X century BC). it is from this hill that ‘Amaro Monte Polizo’ is created. Every year, in the summer months of May through to July, archaeological excavations take place on Monte Polizo (TP). These excavations which began in 2001, are uncovering the mysteries of the fascinating Elimian civilization that populated these areas in ancient times (VII- 5th century BC).