The Recipe

A careful selection of precious herbs for a firm and balanced recipe

An exclusive blend of 30 herbs and spices from all over the world for a unique taste that comes from the constant use of the original recipe, which has survived to the present day. All 30 bitter herbs and roots, the main ones being sweet oranges from Sicily, bitter oranges from Curaçao, star aniseed and cardamom, are clinically selected, weighed, reduced to powder to extract the aromas, following strict monitoring procedures and analysis. The extracts thus obtained are mixed with alcohol and caramelized sugar. The recipe is still the same and remains a secret, which continues its course today through the use of the most contemporary techniques of production.

The main ingredients

Of all the ingredients, six contribute to creating the unique taste of our ‘Amaro’: vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice, clary sage, sweet orange and peppermint