A young company, with clear principles and its own philosophy


‘Alicia Liquori’, founded in November 2003, is a young, artisan company which produces and bottles liqueurs, built on the passion for old-age traditions, and the result of many years of research and experience in distillation. Under the creative and proactive drive of lovers of taste, the young company pronounces itself as a capable producer of good quality, artisan liqueurs, with an authentic and rare guided philosophy: that of limiting the production of every single product, for the exclusive benefit of excellence and high quality, as well as ensuring the consumer an absolute understanding of the production chain, from the origin of the raw materials, to production, up to distribution. The company's products are all created following old-age recipes and using a sophisticated knowledge of the herbs and aromas of its land. The philosophy of Alicia Liquori is to produce a perfectly, genuine product with a unique taste, maintaining the interest for creating something with love. As far as the Quality System is concerned, the company is equipped with a self-evaluation and check manual whose procedures are applied to all the various processing phases, analysis and papers are carefully updated and modified by the Manager and by the System employees following the regulations governing the sector (HACCP).